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Friday, June 27, 2008

A play for Mums

Around the year mothers take care of their children. On Sundays or Saturdays mums usually take their sons and daughters to the cinema, theatres, fairs and so on. On Mother's Day children put a play for their Mums.

Translated by Anna TolwiƄska


CITIZEN : Listen to my favourite storyAbout Prince Krak who seemed to worry.

PRINCE KRAK: I am still my eye keeping. On that cave where dragon’s sleeping.

DRAGON: My heart is made of heavy stone. I’ll take Krak’s daughter, she will be gone.

PRINCESS: Oh no, bad dragon, leave me alone!

CITIZEN : Mother starts crying as well as Krak.

KRAK: Give my little daughter back!Give me back my little baby!

DRAGON: NO, she’ll be my beloved lady!

CITIZEN: The boy named Skuba lived there too. And he knew what to do.

SKUBA: I will buy some sulphur tomorrow to fulfill the sheepskin with no sorrow. When the dragon eats his meal I ensure he will be ill. He is not very suspicious.

DRAGON: Oh, that sheep looks so delicious!

CITIZEN: The dragon has got stomach ache. So he know the sheep was fake.

SKUBA: The bad dragon is our pastSo please marry me at last!

PRINCESS: As you see I’m Skuba’s bride and I’m telling this with pride.


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