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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mother's Day in UK


Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in Great Britain since the 16th century.
It always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, so therefore it is not a fixed date (this year it is the 2nd March).
Mothering Sunday was also known as Refreshment Sunday or Mid-Lent Sunday.
It was called Refreshment Sunday because the fasting for Lent was relaxed.
Approximately four hundred years ago people who lived in small villages made a point of not going to their local church but attending a service at their nearest town or city, to the 'Mother Church'.
If they had visited the Mother Church they would say they had gone a 'Mothering'.
Young boys or girls who worked in service were allowed the day to visit their families.
They would take a small gift of eggs or flowers (which they would have gathered on the way home). Sometimes the cook would have allowed them to bake a 'Simnel cake'.
Nowadays a Simnel cake is often baked as an Easter cake.
In modern Great Britain mothering Sunday is celebrated by children giving their mother's cards and giftsoften flowers or chocolates.
Many families go out for a traditional Sunday roast dinner to give mum the day off!
Mnay churches still celebrate by holding a special mothering Sunday service so that children can offer thanks to their mothers.
Children are given a small posy of flowers to present to their mother's.


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